Sahabi Consulting

Our main goal at Sahabi is to help you achieve success in your journey to the cloud, reaping the benefits without compromising the security of your business

About Us.

Everything you need to know about us.

Why choose Us

Cloud is our bread and butter, we’ve specialized in this domain to make sure that we deliver on our promise to our clients. We have chosen Infrastructure as a service to be our focus as it offers the main building blocks for cloud architectures and it’s the most mature offering across the cloud vendors. We also cover PaaS in some of our services but due to the huge number of available PaaS services we try to be selective.

Our Mission

Your success is our mission, bringing value to our customers is our primary KPI, cloud is nice when it’s right, together we can define the journey that suits your business without falling into the hype or compromising the security and privacy of your assets.

What we Do

We offer a wide range of consultancy services to help you throughout your journey including: discovery and feasibility assessment, vendor selection, cloud environment provisioning, cloud environment setup, migrating on-premise applications to the cloud, and providing on-going support for your cloud environments.

Vendor Neutral

Your interest is our first priority, we can work with any of the major cloud vendors and we can help you choose the best for your requirements
  • Amazon Web Services
  • Oracle Cloud
  • Microsoft Azure


We provide wide range of cloud adoption services.

Cloud Adoption Assessment

This service will help you choose the right vendor for your business requirements, following a well architecured framework to ensure secure, reliable, efficient and cost-effective deployment for your applications.

Cloud Adoption Workshop

This workshop covers the key cloud concepts and services including Object Storage, Databases, Compute and Networking.

Cloud Lift and Shift

The easiest way to get into the cloud is by migrating your existing applications to the cloud(like Oracle EBS) ,and you will start reaping the benefits of your cloud infrastructure immediately.

DevOps as a Managed Service

We will be reponsible for the setup of your CI/CD tools and processes and focus on maintaining and supporting your cloud environment, our team will monitor your environment and take proactive measures to prevent any disruption in business.


Recently Blockchain has been one of the key technology trends in the industry and crypto currencies have played a major role in its popularity especially due to the sudden rise of value for those currencies. According to Gartner Blockchain is still at the top of the hype cycle but now it's beyond the peak and is settling down slowly overtime, at Sahabi we can help you understand blockchain and the value of such technology and how it compares to standard database management system and this will help you decide on the right time and use case for embracing this technology.